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(一)Enterprise Culture

 "Honesty, Harmony, innovation" , and the spirit of enterprise culture, as the company gives Yifan people strong spiritual power, Yifan people to work hard, to exploit the brilliant career, Yifan to lay a solid foundation. Honesty----Loyal to company, sincere to customers.

Harmony----Amiable with customers, unison with colleagues, in concord with family.

Innovation----Technical innovation, field innovation, service innovation. Providing the highest quality of service with a higher standard

(二)Enterprise talent strategy

 Adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, the company adheres to a reasonable concept of talent development, devotes itself to build a ladder-shaped team,establishing a competitive talent development mechanism, and  building a team of talented people who can fight well and unite as one.

The concept of selection-Wide acceptance of good talents, potential for the most important.

In selecting talents, ability is more important than acdemic qualifications, potential under the iceberg is more important than appearance on the iceberg.

View of Employment-The position can be appropriate and the sistuation can be used.

The post fits its ability, and a man does his best. According to the development stage and the situation faced by the enterprise, as well as the growth status of the staff, timely personnel adjustment and allocation to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise and the ladder development of the staff.

Educational concept-Character building and Ability Building.

Character is the prerequisite to measure talents. The better the character cultivation, the higher the ability training and development, and the broader the career stage provided.

Retention concept-career retention, treatment retention, emotional retention, so that employees can achieve personal career, material life surpulus and ease.


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